Do I need to buy insurance?

Backside Nines strongly recommends you review all personal or private insurance coverage you may have and consider Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) coverage. To review SAIP coverage Click Here

How good of a snowboarder do I have to be?

You should have completed your introductory snowboard lesson(s) and be fairly comfortable on a snowboard unassisted. The programs are open to those riders who are at the novice level up to intermediate up to high performance. 

At the beginning of the season, we help to outline your personal goals, then throughout the season monitor achievements and help you progress towards your desired goals. We give full feedback on your initial ability and where we think you can go in snowboarding. 

Not sure about your ability? Come for a ride and well determine the appropriate group for your level of riding, or suggest another lesson or two.

Is Backside Nines Inc. a racing program?

NO. This is a Freestyle program focusing on open areas and terrain park.

What does the cost of the program cover?

We provide professional coaching in a positive setting focusing on proper skill progression. Check the Programs section for activities included.

What are your coaches’ qualifications?

Our coaches have are licensed and have completed courses with the Canadian Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP) in addition to pursuing the National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP) path. All coaches are closely mentored by our Head Coach who is fully licensed, sanctioned and insured through Canada Snowboard.

Do you have to compete to join?

You are not required to compete to join our programs. You let our coaches know what you want to achieve and we get you there, fast. If you want to compete we can help you set up competition runs for chosen events. If you just want to learn new tricks and push your riding to higher levels we also have the group for you.

Do you have girls only groups?

We will be actively promoting the development of female riders to challenge their skills in a positive supportive setting. We are hoping to offer exclusive girls or ladies programs in the near future. Why should the guys have all the fun!

What are the general age groups?

Our groups are from the ages 3 to Adult. We do our best to divide all groups according to age, ability and interest.