Backside Nines Inc. provides the opportunity for snowboarders to develop appropriate skill progression (learn to ride); also leading to an introduction to competition (learn to compete); as well as training for Nationals (train to compete).

Coaches lead by example and explore the areas of snowboarding etiquette, communication, cooperation with others, smart decision-making, as well as the physical skills required to excel.  Athletes are arranged in groups based on experience, ability and age with each individual athlete developing attainable goals and the plan to achieve them step by step.

Backside Nines Inc. focuses on these concepts and more:

  • Conditioning and Warm ups
  • Area Awareness and Proper Terrain Park Etiquette
  • Edge and Board Control
  • Switch Riding and Versatility
  • Individual Foot Control and Twisting the Board
  • Elite Athlete Interaction
  • Equipment and Technical Expertise
  • How the whole family can be challenged on the Green runs.