Who we are

Backside Nines is Winnipeg's only comprehensive snowboard program designed to introduce the entire family to the awesomeness of snowboarding. Whether you are an early rider who has had a few lessons; a multi-year rider wanting to take it to the next level, maybe even learn to compete; or an adult wanting to see what all the excitement is about. We aim to provide fun, confidence-building progression based snowboard training, for multiple levels of skill while teaching safe snowboard practices. Nowhere else in Winnipeg will you receive this much training on and off the hill.

As a Backside Nines member, not only will you learn to enhance your skills to your best ability, you will also learn how to:

  • maintain your equipment yourself;
  • purchase equipment that's right for you, at your skill level and at your budget;
  • understand and demonstrate snowboard étiquette;
  • build self-confidence on and off the slope; and
  • snowboard safely while still shredding the course.

Back Sides Nines was founded by a family of passionate and dedicated snowboarders. Riders and parents always come first because after all, we are riders and parents ourselves. We know the costs of sport and will strive to educate parents on how to get the best value for every snowboarding dollar. Back Side Nines is a fiscally responsible family run operation modelled on the not-for-profit approach.

Two teenage competitive riders are in our family who began their careers on the bunny hills in Banff. Now they watch snowboard videos on a 30 degree day in July and shovel zamboni snow at the local hockey rink in August to create a makeshift snowboard run! Sound familiar? If not, it may after your athletes join Back Side Nines! 

We enthusiastically volunteer our time and expertise to create the opportunity for riders to “HAVE FUN," while developing their skills. Back Side Nines desire is to introduce the awesomeness of snowboarding to the entire family…parents too! I know a lot of people that “used to ski,” but I don’t know anyone who “used to snowboard.”


Who Backside Nines is for

Back Side Nines is designed for:

  • Young riders that have completed introductory snowboard lessons and feel comfortable on their board.
  • Multi-year riders who are looking to further develop their skills and pursue recreational competition.
  • Parents that have completed introductory snowboard lessons and don’t want the kids to have all the fun! 

Founding Principles

  • To provide a premier snowboard development program in Manitoba.
  • To provide high quality; passionate snowboard coaching.
  • To give athletes the conditioning, training and introduction to competition necessary to
  • To actively promote female rider participation
  • To instill lifelong enjoyment and participation in the sport of snowboarding
  • To HAVE FUN!