Our Family


Our Family

Randy Demchuk leads on-hill activities (snowboard program design; coaching; and coach development) and is a Canada Snowboard nationally licensed Snowboard Coach, in addition to a certified Snowboard Instructor with Canada Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI), and a Nationally certified Trampoline coach.

Jackie Demchuk heads many off-hill activities (member relations; parent education; administration). She is also a certified coach for our "Girls / Women Only Program."

Braeden Demchuk heads our "Park to Podium Program" training athletes for Canada Snowboard Nationals. He is Level 5 (Comp Dev.) trained coach qualified to train athletes at a National caliber.

Keenan Demchuk is an athlete in our "Park to Podium Program" and has competed in Nationals for several years. He also continually contributes his creativity to our overall snowboard program design, from an athletes perspective.

Can you tell us a little more?


Randy Demchuk

1) # of years riding?            
15 years

2) Where did you 1st ride?    
Giants Ridge MN. Royally embarrassed myself in front of my hockey buddies. Fell down at least 100 times in less than 4 hours!

3) What made you ride after that?    
Damaged ego…yeah, it’s a guy thing! Wouldn’t be here today to launch Backside Nines if I had quit that day!

4) Favorite riding memory?    
Big Sky, Mt – Christmas 2012. Both boys placed 1st in their age group in Rail Jam and each won a “Never Summer - Evo” snowboard. 

5) Weirdest Snowboard memory?    
Driving Braeden to Dakota Hockey Rink so he could snowboard outside in Zamboni snow…in mid-July!

6) Weirdest Snowboard memory 2?     
Daring Keenan to wakeboard while wearing his boots and snowboard at the cable wakeboard park. I lost $50 that day!



Jackie Demchuk

1) Why on earth snowboard?    
It’s been fun and a personal challenge to learn this new skill! Besides, our whole family can enjoy it together despite the wide range in our skill, style and (gulp) age!

2) What board do you ride?    
A Bataleon Violenza. Best purchase ever!

3) Favorite riding memory?    
The four of us wearing plastic bags and sliding down the mountain on our backs on a rainy day at Fernie, BC.

4) Favorite run?    
“Natural Half Pipe” at Big Sky, MT.

5) Summer Activities?     
Cycling, running and being nagged by the boys to try “wakeboarding.” I’m thinking about it!

6) Snowboarding goals?        
#1 To learn to ride switch really well. 
#2 To see more women in our local snowboard scene.

7) Greatest snowboard accomplishment?        
So far…to ride the tow rope on the first try!


Braeden Demchuk

1) Where did you 1st ride?    
Whistler, BC. I was 5 years old! Shredded there on spring break.

2) # of years riding?    
Seven years ago we got season passes at Springhill and I started serious riding.

3) What is your favorite part about snowboarding?    
Being able to go fast. Also, sending backflips over the tables. Feels great floating upside down!

4) Favorite riding memory?    
Stomping out my first double wildcat in Whistler. Spent a month out there with friends and made memories that will last a lifetime. 

5) What about the off season?     
Try to find snow! Try to snowboard! When that doesn’t work out I am probably washing my car in the driveway; hanging with buddies, or sleeping.

6) Any sponsor/supporters?    
Yep! Oppror Clothing; Thirty Two; Business Limited Promotions and formerly Status Boards.

Keenan Demchuk

1) How old are you?        
15 years old

2) How long have you been snowboarding?
I've been snowboarding for about 7 years now.

3) Favorite riding memory?    
Spring break, at Lake Louise. Powder day! Best snow I've ever ridden!

4) What do you like to do besides snowboarding?
Watch snowboard vids, wakeboard, skateboard, play video games, and go on my trampoline. 

5) Favorite mountain resort?    
Big White by far. Good park, excellent terrain, fun atmosphere. 

6) Favorite pro snowboarder?    
Halldor Helgason and Scott Stevens are my two favorite riders. They are both very creative, and very talented. 

7) Favorite trick?    
My favourite trick would have to be backside threes. Nice and fun to pop around and stomp.


Where we do our thang!

Where we do our thang!

Spring Hill Winter Park, 65036 Oasis Road, Winnipeg, MB